Windows 10 Gaming Mode

Microsoft has finally released something which has been widely demanded for – which if you have been on the internet for awhile is supposed to resemble Black Viper’s gaming and resource usage guides. Turning off features at the registry and services level so that your games run more smoothly and you can squeeze every frame you can from your CS: Source match to your all important raid in WOW.

This article is meant as a foundation for Microsoft reasoning and how it can benefit some users in specific circumstances.

By no means is WGM (Windows Gaming Mode), a silver bullet to fix all your gaming woes.



Firstly before you delve into Windows 10 Gaming mode; you need to have understanding of Microsofts UWP (Universal Windows Platform) or the “One Windows Platform” as its called in diagram to the right. In a nutshell to the lay its a “Guaranteed” universal API for developers to use.

The term Holistic would probably be the best term to use that would describe what Microsoft are planning to do, XBOX, Windows, Skype, IoT, etc.

WGM - System Resources

WGM – will stop system tasks and services from using resources from your gaming, which should in theory make frame rates general performance more consistent. It does this by limiting CPU thread contention between games and system processes.

WGM – can work with all games, not just Windows Store games; Microsoft envisages that it will increase peaks and average framerates by prioritising all CPU and GPU resources to your game running in the foreground.

Now the Catch...

Windows 10 Creators Update

To get WGM, firstly you need to have upgraded you Windows 10 PC to the Creators update, which also the following includes enhancements:

Action Center changes
Custom Accent Colouring
Purchasable themese from the Windows Store
THe People Bar
Groove Music Maker
Full pen support in office applications
Micorsoft Edge Tab hiding and showing.
Serious Improvements to Windows Defender
Paint 3D

In Conclusion

Creators Update is a important security update, in the world of Cyber Security it wouldnt hurt to upgrade. However Windows 10 is VERY resource hungry, so the trade off is do you upgrade to a resource hungry beast of Windows 10 Creators Update to your “In Use” resources back temporarily through WGM? well that decision is application and location specific.