Laptop Repairs

Laptops go places normally where computers aren’t ment to go, this makes them more susceptible to damage. They are still computers requiring the same treatment and care as desktop computers. Dust, fur, lint, water, the environment you use your laptop in greatly affects the operation of the device.

Laptops are small portable and convenient, Because of their portability they see a lot of hardware problems over their lifetime. Failed hard drives are the second most common problem we see at White IT. A failed hard drive is also the worst thing that can happen to a user as around 80% of users don’t have a backup.

Some of the Services we provide:

  • Power Issues
  • Laptop virus Removal
  • Water Damage
  • Windows Wont Start
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Noisy System & CPU Fans
  • Laptop & Notebook Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop is over heating
  • Laptop is not turning on
  • Memory upgrades
  • Display only visible on external monitor but not visible on Laptop LCD screen
  • Liquid spill repairs (cola , water, coffee, tea, wine)
  • Internal dust and particles cleaning
  • Laptop Data and file backup services
  • Laptop operating system upgrades
  • Removal of annoying popup and spyware from Laptop
  • Transfer of Data to your new hard drive / new Laptop
  • Solutions for slow working laptops