Cyber Security and Maintenance

Proactive IT cyber security focused support

We take a proactive approach to IT maintenance by checking and fixing your systems before faults occur.

Technical Services: our technicians go through a comprehensive health check on your servers and infrastructure, desktops, notebooks, routers, data backups, power protection, patches and updates, email system, antivirus and antispam, licensing and remote access, plus many other areas.

IT Emergency and Server Recovery Reports

IT Emergency Response Planning and Disaster Recovery testing is a critical part of what we do.
Twice a year we will simulate a server recovery from your backups onto one of our loan servers or other device. We document the procedure and give you the results.
This is intended to prove that your DR strategy is successful and can provide a time frame with which the server can be recovered.

Cyber security remote monitoring

We can also perform remote monitoring of your systems and servers. If you require this service is comes at a premium, but you can rest soundly knowing that you have peace of mind in the ever increasingly hostile cyber environment.
Call us today and we can gather information about your system and a quotation for this service.

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Areas We Service:

We do Australia wide system monitoring.