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Put an end to information technology downtime with IT support in Sydney. By partnering with White IT, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do the best – running your business.

It’s a fact of life that information technology plays a critical role in your business, whatever it is. We all know how frustrating and challenging it can be when your business experiences an IT problem. Not only is it time-consuming to fix, but prolonged downtime can seriously disrupt productivity and cost you money.

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IT solutions designed to help you

We offer a wide range of IT support solutions designed to prevent down time, maintain systems, and trouble shoot problems. These include:


Health-check and monitoring

As part of a variety of cost-effective services we can monitor your systems 24/7. As such we’ll carry out regular health check monitoring. This includes:

  • Comprehensive views of the performance levels and status of your individual servers
  • The monitoring of hardware parameters and various performance data
  • Observing internal server elements including the CPU, memory use, consumption etc
  • Checking the function of external elements including fans, power supplies and component temperatures

If we find any problematic functioning in any element of your system, we’ll tell you what it is in simple terms and we’ll find a solution fast.


Software backups

We know that the vast majority of software upgrades require downtime for your business. This is downtime that you could probably do without! When White IT provide IT support, Sydney companies can feel safe in the knowledge that we can carry out all software backups during office shutdown or periods when your business is at its quietest. This way, your system will be functioning at optimum levels, when you need it most.


Managing hardware installs

The right hardware sets the foundation for your IT network, this is why it’s important that you have an experienced team on board to handle all your installations. Here at White IT, we’ve overseen many hardware installations including:

  • The upgrading of centralised processing units (CPU’s)
  • Attaching new hard drives
  • Increasing RAM
  • Upgrading new keyboards, mice touch-pads etc
  • Replacing or upgrading monitors and screens
  • Fitting new optimal drives
  • upgrading of network adaptors

So, whatever your hardware challenges, White IT have the skills and experience to fit and manage all your hardware installations.  


Remote problem solving

In addition to carrying out regular health checks and software back-ups, we have the technology to be able to detect any problems early and fix them remotely. More often than not, these are problems which are sorted long before you even notice them, so you never have to worry. 


IT Security Audits

Sound system security is vital to any business. With this in mind we’ll evaluate and assess how secure your business information is by:

  • Performing security vulnerability scanning
  • Reviewing operating system controls
  • Investigating password protection practices

From this, we’ll identify and highlight where any improvements or changes can be implemented to make your system more security tight and give you the tools to put them into action.


Continual reporting

With all your IT support in Sydney, we provide continual reporting. So if we find any snags, glitches, or problems, we’ll give you a fully updated report so that you’re kept fully up to speed and can ascertain just how well your system is running. In addition, we’re happy to provide free-strategy advice on best practice, as and when you need it. So if you have a question or query about your system or any part of the IT process, then we’re more than happy to assist.

Your own team of IT experts

Hiring an IT manager with a full-time salary can put a large dent in your bottom line which is why deciding to outsource your IT is a good move. When you choose us you’ll be assured of a team of experts all waiting to take your call. Whether you need desk top support or on-site assistance, our friendly team of professionals will handle your IT problems as if they were their own. Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge in multiple IT areas they can provide solutions speedily and effectively.

A service to suit your business

We pride ourselves on providing flexible managed IT support in Sydney catering to the individual needs of each client. Indeed, our service can be tailored to suit all types of businesses both large and small. These include:

Specific managed services

If you already have existing IT staff within your company you might want to consider outside help to bring about more streamlined and therefore cost saving ways of managing your full IT systems. For example, a simple conversation about areas of your IT that you particularly want to strengthen or better manage, is always a good starting point.

You might decide that having your team continually upgrading hardware or launching business apps isn’t the best use of their time and instead, you really need to focus on minimising downtime, or implement a better risk reduction strategy. As a result, we can help you to structure things around your specific services by integrating our team into yours, leaving your existing team to carry out any key in-house processes you need them to do, while we take on other elements. 


Ad-Hoc or as needed, support

If you already have an IT support team in place, there could be occasions where the team might need assistance. This may include large scale projects such as moving offices, merging operations or an in depth audit of your current IT operations. With this in mind, we can be on hand to provide that occasional assistance we you need it.


Fully outsourced support IT support in Sydney

No two companies are the same and sometimes, merged services aren’t the perfect solution. For this reason you may want to outsource every aspect of your IT support including monitoring, maintenance, and trouble shooting. For many businesses this is a cost effective solution because you have the assurance of full IT support but without the expense of taking on full time staff.


Remote IT Support

When critical issues such as your e-commerce takes a hit or your email or payment server goes down, these are instances when travel time poses an unacceptable cost. So when time is of the essence, having remote IT support makes absolute sense. Once software has been installed it allows us to remotely dial in and find the root cause of a problem fast – sometimes within as little as one hour! What’s more, all sessions are encrypted with the latest security technology, so you’re able to get a full view of what we’re doing at any one time. As such, any sessions can be terminated at any time, keeping you firmly in control.  


From service maintenance and monitoring through to network security and data recovery, we operate a desk top support system as well as on-site trouble shooting to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you need Windows, Linux, or Apple support, assistance in moving your business to the cloud, or you’ve got a recurring IT problem, just give us a call. You can rest assured that we have the tailored business solution to suit your needs.

Choose your support plan

We don’t believe in tying in our customers to a ‘one size fits all’ IT support plan. Instead, we offer varying plans at affordable prices to meet your business needs and budget. Whether you simply want your system to run at its optimum ability through regular weekly health checks and back-ups or you’re looking for a more comprehensive package with ongoing out of hours support, then we’re sure to have the plan for you.

If you’d like to receive managed IT services in Sydney from a friendly local provider who truly values your business and delivers outstanding service, then get in touch.

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Whatever type or level of support you choose, our IT support in Sydney is dedicating to ensuring that your IT systems run smoothly and are as secure and effective as they can possibly be. First class support and a proactive approach saves you time and money, and allows you to focus on growing your business. With regular monitoring and maintenance, you’ll soon notice a significant drop in IT problems. So what are you waiting for? Why not let White IT, become an extension of your business today!

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