Yes! – We do repair computers in Sydney

All of Sydney

If you’re looking for computer repair in Sydney to rescue you from digital disaster then you’ve come to the right place. We have a small team of computer repair engineers who between them have 10 years of practical experience within the industry. With specialist knowledge of all models of desktops and PC’s, including Apple, right down to the basic component level, we can carry out any repair quickly and efficiently.

We understand that a slow running computer, or worse still one that has stopping working, can have a serious impact on the day to day running of your business. Downtime can disrupt your schedule and cost you money, especially when you have important deadlines to meet. Fortunately we offer two types of computer repair service: remote and on-site. So no matter where you are, we guarantee to have you back online in lightning fast time.

Our computer services

Whatever your computer repair, Sydney residents and businesses can have peace of mind knowing that our extensive computer services include the following:

New PC installations

So you’ve purchased a brand new all singing, all dancing PC. But how do you get all the information you need from your old PC on to your new one? Don’t worry because our White IT technicians have you covered! Let us deal with your new installation and we’ll ensure complete set-up, transferring all your data from the old PC to the new one fast! This includes documents, files, emails, and pictures,as well as antivirus mailware set up, if requested.

Wireless problems

As we’ve come to rely so heavily on being connected to the World Wide Web, it can almost feel like losing an limb when we can’t get connected. Aside from being incredibly frustrating, if you rely on the internet for business, it can also cost you money! If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t worry, our highly experienced team will investigate and fix your most common and frustrating wireless issues. These include:

• Inconsistent network connections
• Password authentication errors
• Rejoining the wrong network
• Dead adaptors
• Unavailability of known network
• No internet access when connected
• Validation of IP but no internet loading

Internet problems

So, your once superfast desktop, now has the connection speed of a snail! We’ll talk you through the basics such as testing your internet speed to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for, resetting your modem, turning off any bandwidth-hogging applications, temporarily pausing file-syncing services such Dropbox, One Drive, and G-Drive which can also eat up your bandwidth. If any of these actions doesn’t solve the issue, then we’re more than happy to take a closer look.

Broken keyboards

Let’s face it a broken or unresponsive keyboard is the height of frustration, especially it it’s an intermittent fault. This is especially true if you’ve taken it for computer repair in Sydney only to find it functioning perfectly. Then, when you get it back and try it out, the fault is back. Here at White IT, If it’s an obvious fault we’ll either repair it or replace the keyboard outright, which ever is more economical. If it’s an annoying intermittent problem, then we’ll do whatever it takes to find the source of the issue, let you know what it is, and advise you of the costs for repair/replacement.

Virus removal

A virus is a program that has the ability to infect your computer programs and files. Upon doing so, they can change the way a computer operates and in many cases they can render it useless. Viruses come in many forms including ransomware, adware, spyware, trojan horses, rootkits, bootkits, keyloggers and browser helper objects (BHO’s). Here at White IT, we’re experienced in removing all types of virus programs. So whatever your virus problem, talk to our friendly team who are happy to help.

Internet security

Security protection is a real must for any PC, desktop, or laptop user these days and as such, we’re able to run a security audit of your PC to ensure how safe or vulnerable you are to virus attack. Based on our findings, we’ll make suggestions to ensure that your documents, files, and personal information remain safe and best protected by installing the very latest antivirus malware and spyware protection.

Email issues

Here at White IT, we work with all popular email servers including Gmail, outlook, Outlook express, Apple mail, Hotmail, and Yahoo to help solve a wide range of email problems including:

• Inability to share emails across networks
• Inability to open emails
• Issues in sending and receiving emails
• issues sending large documents or attachments
• Inability to share email contacts
• Email log-in problems

So if you’re having email problems, and need computer repair in Sydney, then come and talk to the guys at White IT!

Data recovery

If you’re looking to transfer important data from an old computer onto a new one, or your present, but equally important data has gone into deep hibernation and you simply can’t retrieve it, then what do you do? First thing is not to panic! The second thing to do is to call the guys at White IT. They have the experience and the ability to recover data from even the deepest of areas.

Hardware/software problems

Whether you have a hardware problem with a motherboard, graphics card, Ram or CPU, a software issue with a driver, a problematic OS update, or malware infestation, you need computer repair! Sydney residents should look to call the team at White IT. Software and hardware issues are our bread and butter and you can rest assured that we’ll use our real-world experience to get to the cause of the problems and fix it fast.

Liquid damage

So you’re working away at your desk when you inadvertently spill your glass of coke all over your keyboard. Now your laptop or PC has slowly ground to a sticky halt. In this case, speed is of the essence because if liquid gets into component parts, then it could be curtains. So as a precaution, turn off the laptop and take out the battery. Liquid starts to corrode components when it meets electrical current. So no power means no electrical current and therefore, your PC or laptop can’t burn out! Once we receive it we’ll quickly open it up and take a look at the extent of the liquid damage. From this we’ll give you an honest professional opinion of whether it’s worth repairing and the costs involved. The good news is that while liquid damage may cause problems with keyboards and internal components such as motherboards, sound cards etc, typically the hard drive remains untouched. As a result, we can always retrieve data from computers, provided the hard drive remains intact.

Computer upgrades

Whether you need more memory, better graphics capability, larger data storage capacity, or faster processing, we can turn your old laptop or PC into something special.

Laptop screen replacement

At White IT, we can provide either laptop screen repair service, or if the screen is damaged beyond repair, then we’ll fit a new screen for you. Either way you’ll have a new look laptop that you can be proud of.

So there you have it! In many cases where you are experiencing minor difficulties, such as sending and receiving emails, installing a new program, or software issues, we can fix it remotely by connecting to you online via the internet. If this isn’t possible, then we’ll visit you on-site. In this instance we’ll do our best to get to you the same day, to minimise down time.

Full diagnostic service

We know how annoying an intermittent computer fault can be. It’s enough to drive you nuts! Our full diagnostic service entails numerous tests to get to the bottom of the problem.

Once we’ve completed all of the tests, we’ll issue you with a report that gives the underlying cause of the problem together with an estimated repair cost (this includes the price of any necessary replacement parts). You can then choose whether or not to have us carry out the repair. Simple! No strings, just a fantastic service.

Fully equipped service vans

Our service vans carry local servers and an extensive selection of the most commonly needed computer spare parts, so our engineers have all the tools to enable them to carry out your repair speedily and efficiently.

If you’re looking for computer repair in Sydney then we’re a name you can trust. Whether you’re a home user or a small business, we’ll get you back up and running in no time at all. As well as computer repair we also provide managed IT services in Sydney, so why not give White IT a call now on 1300 208 499 to find out more.