Remote Computer Repairs

Fast Response

If you need help fast, but cant make it to our workshop, we can dial in remotely and resolve most problems over the phone. Our IT expert team can fix computer problems remotely without ‘physically’ being onsite.

Resolving computer issues such as viruses, malware from our office, this way we can assess and resolve IT problems faster while minimizing computer repair time and allows you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.



White IT a team with a wealth of IT knowledge who are expertly trained in resolving computer problems and adopting the necessary course of action required to solve them.

Remote IT support is becoming increasingly a popular service to solve computer viruses, spyware, and whatever other problems you may have.. This service essentially provides you with an easy solution to your problems.

Cost effective

Also this is a more cost-effective solution since our IT agents never have to actually travel to your house or office, you can often save a significant amount of money, by removing the travel and onsite cost, when contacting us regarding your computer issue, ensure to request for remote support (if possible).

Remote System Repair

For those with not familiar with this system, you can comfortably watch one of our IT experts fix the computer problems on your PC.

Our remote software can be installed on any PC or MAC. In fact, our remote IT technicians can even reboot your PC and automatically reconnect in order to finish their work.

Remote support can be used to solve many issues, but some hardware issues can be difficult to resolve via this method. In this scenario we may need to come onsite.


Areas We Service:

We provide Australia wide Remote IT Support.