Remote Computer Repairs

Fast Response

When you ring us at White IT, you don’t deal with a call centre, you talk immediately to our friendly technicians and experts that are ready to help immediately. Most of the time, we can dial in remotely through to your device, using a Remote Desktop software such as Teamviewer and are able to diagnose on the spot! Being able to resolve computer issues remotely allows for minimizing computer repair time and lets you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.


White IT only employs a team of expertly trained technicians that are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to resolve computer problems that you may be experiencing.

Having virus issues, or PC slowdowns? Our experts can diagnose these issues in front of your eyes and provide not just recommendations for fixes, but most of the time resolve it for you right then. Give us a call, you will be surprised how helpful we can be!

Cost effective

For those who are not familiar with this system, you can comfortably watch one of our IT experts fix the computer issues on your PC or leave them to work on the issue while you get a cup of coffee. Not every issue is able to be fixed remotely, like broken hardware for example, but even remote diagnosis can save you and your company time and money that is better spent elsewhere. To remove the travel and onsite cost, when contacting us regarding your computer issue, ensure to request for remote support (if possible) – we guarantee you will love the money and time you save!

Remote System Repair

Have you ever had an issue with your computer that you can’t explain? A weird sound, extreme slowdowns, random crashing, or anything else of the list of thousands of things that can happen to all forms of electronic devices – from computers through to phones and any other device? Have you always wondered what goes on when diagnosing issues on your computer? Have you ever wanted to just have it fixed without having to take the device into a workshop? If you fit any of these criteria, or many more, then you are a prime candidate for Remote Computer Repairs!

Areas We Service:

We provide Australia wide Remote IT Support.