Cyber Security

Cyber Security principals dictate how businesses and organisations can defend their data and systems from cyber threats.

Are you sure your systems and data are secure? the only way to know for sure is to have your systems and data regularly looked at. Cyber Security is at the core of what we do.

As members of the ACSC reporting its our respnsibility to act on your behalf, we are kept to to date and are ntoified of the latest threats and compromises that they affect your business.
We will notify you and implement security patches and system updates as they happen.

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Cyber Security Governence

Step 1 – Identify and Manage current security risks, put together an audit and risk analysis of the systems and data – plan the protection and detection methodology and put forward approvals for the appropriate security response.
See our guide on IT Emergency Response Planning for more information.

Cyber Security Protect

Step 2 – Implement through change management, security controls, monitoring and reducing the risk surface area.
See our Proactive Security Maintenance page for further information on systems, controls and montioring we do for your business.

Cyber Security Detection

Step 3 – Dectection through monitoring events, security analysis then understanding abd identifying the purpose and type of attack in play.
See our page on Spyware and Virus Removal for further information.

Cyber Security Response

Step 4 – First response once the type of attack in play is identifed then steps are taken to mitigate and put in place strategic road blocks to sensitive data and securing and removing the attacker from the network or system.

How do Cyber attacks happen?

Think the email that you just got wanting to confirm your credentials for Office 365 or G-Suite is genuine? Or the email sayign your mailbox is full or the email service will be terminated without you contacting them and entering your personal information in is real?
Think again. Email wasnt ment to be secure when it was created in the late 80’s. We are still using the underlying infrastructure, Emails can be intercepted, spoofed or made to look they are from a genuine supplier.
Don’t be fooled talk to a professional now – see our page on email security and setup.