Apple Support

Monitoring and support

In addition to problem solving we also monitor and support your entire Apple system. By keeping watch over your system remotely we make sure it remains up to date and healthy and any issues are resolved before you even notice them. Therefore you can feel safe in the knowledge that your system is always going to be running at its optimum level.

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Virus Removal

Contrary to popular belief MAC’s need maintenance from time to time and can pick up nasty viruses and malware. But don’t worry our skilled Apple support technicians are fully-trained in removing the most difficult and hard to remove virus forms. These include Cryptoware, Malware, and Trojans.

Our Apple support plans

At White IT we have a variety of affordable Apple support plans to help you to keep your systems in tip top condition. Whether you need weekday remote support during working hours, out of hours monitoring and support, or would like a plan that encompasses emergency call-outs, our flexible plans can help. Choose the one to suit your business needs and requirements for total peace of mind.

All The Apple Support You Could Possibly Need

It can be difficult to find an IT support company who deals with your specific type of operating system but thankfully here at White IT, we love our Apple Mac’s.

For this reason we service and support all iMac’s, Mac-books, iPads, and iPhones.

Whether it’s a virus problem with your Mac-book, your iPad is running slow, or you have a back-up problem with your time machine or time capsule we can help.

Remote and on-site repair assistance

We understand that in business, down-time costs money and this is something that we’re very aware of.

Therefore if you have a computer-based problem, pick up the phone and call our highly-experienced Apple support team who will try to solve it remotely.

If that’s not possible then we’ll dispatch a technician to your site to fix the problem fast. Whatever the situation, we’ll do everything we can to get you back on track as quickly as possible.