Professional Linux support in Sydney

If you’re looking for Linux support in Sydney, then you’re in luck. We provide Linux managed server support, emergency help, installation, troubleshooting, configuration, remote assistance and maintenance for existing and new server infrastructures. So wherever you’re based in Sydney let us be your technology partner.

How can we help you?

Our small team of experienced engineers and technicians has the necessary skills and expertise to provide an excellent standard of Linux support for a wide range of Linux systems, including Kali, Ubuntu, Redhat, Solaris, and Debian.

Bug fixing

We understand how frustrating problems such as networking issues, stalled booting, software bugs, and graphic hardware issues can be. They’re enough to drive you crazy, not to mention the monetary costs involved in business downtime. Fortunately our highly trained technicians are on hand to fix your Linux system and get you back up and running. Many times issues can be fixed remotely via a secure internet connection.

The benefit of this solution is that since all our technicians have their own specialist areas of strength, they can contribute in the problem solving procedure, which means a quicker solution even in the most challenging of cases. Other times we’ll dispatch one of our technicians to carry out the fix on-site. Our team of technicians have been working with these systems for many years and so far have never come across a bug that they couldn’t fix.

In-House Tech Support

Besides fixing bugs we also provide in-house Linux support in Sydney which includes, but isn’t limited, to the following services:

• Application servers
• Web/Proxy servers
• Firewalls/Gateways
• Data bases
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)
• File, print, and mail servers
• Routers
• Back up systems

Often we’ll supply these services on an individual basis but we can also build them into a longer term maintenance agreement. Our tailored support plans revolve round the needs and/or budget of our customers and offer the flexibility which many of our customers demand.

More about our support plans

We believe that our Linux support plans are some of the most competitive in the industry. Tailored to meet individual requirements they vary from hourly to daily and longer term plans. Whether you’re a small business looking for a simple plan that keeps your system running smoothly or a larger business looking for more comprehensive cover, for total peace of mind, we have just the plan for you.

Whether you’re looking for Linux support or managed IT services in Sydney, why not call today to discuss how we can help you.