Here at White IT, we’re proud to help local businesses throughout the Brisbane suburbs and beyond with their IT support. And while by providing that support, it’s enabled companies to focus more on other important aspects of their business, one of the most problematic areas that companies talk to us about is how to stay ahead of the competition.

Partnering with the right digital marketing company has certainly helped us in this respect and one that has landed us more business. And while the journey to making that choice was a big learning curve, we wanted to outline why we decided on Kick Media as our chosen marketing company and why it continues to work for us.


They didn’t promise the earth

It was quite a refreshing change for us to see such an open and honest approach to SEO. Kick Media have a strong policy on delivering honest and ethical advice. They helped us to define our goals telling us what we needed to hear not what we wanted to hear! They didn’t promise the earth or give meaningless guarantees, but instead, they were honest and candid about what we could expect and how much it would cost.


They brought clarity

Kick Media taught us that SEO doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery. In fact, the company suggested that SEO, or rather the practices behind it, are very open and available to anyone who wants to know. They took the time to explain the concepts in simple easy to understand terms so that we weren’t left in the dark, but in addition, they also guided us through the digital maze of advertising options available.


They had a personalised approach

From the outset, we wanted a local company we could easily speak to if we had a problem or idea, without being passed from pillar to post before getting to a person that understood our concerns.  Kick Media is a small and approachable boutique agency where everyone is up to speed with our campaign. For us, this meant that we could get answers when we needed them most and because they are local, implementing new ideas or a change of strategy was easily done without having to first jump through hoops.


They delivered on results

While being honest and professional really only gets you so far, the team have spent over 12 months developing innovative but ethical ways to ensure they get the very best results for their clients with minimum spend. For us (and it seems many others) this meant trebling our traffic in six months.

So there you have it! Sure, there is a multitude of SEO companies all willing to help us climb the search engines and/or increase our online presence but for us personally, Kick Media in Brisbane appeared to tick all the right boxes and as a growing company, this was really important.